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Thunder Medusa


Architect turned illustrator/ Graphic designer

My journey with my art has been long and exciting.

In my teens and more traumatic years, I forgot about how I used to love painting. Things were chaotic while I was still finding myself. I was a rebellious feminist girl, fighting with every man in my life and making a joke of myself. All this while, I only took in everything but never found an outlet. Until I discovered the joy of illustration.

My journey as a digital artist began with AutoCAD while I was interning with an architect.  I drew a girl on AutoCAD and then coloured her on photoshop. I didn’t know anything about graphic pads or iPads back then. I started sketching and scanning and colouring on photoshop. I was addicted after my first illustration. I had always loved art but that magic only grew with each illustration I created.

I used to write poems and blogs about issues I felt strongly for. So, I started illustrating my poems and written pieces. All my artwork has always been personal, as they are based on my day to day experiences. A lot of my art is about issues faced by women and trans women, whoever identifies as being a female. I am a feminist and issues like body positivity, mental health, capitalism, etc. are consistently addressed through my work. My art is like a diary entry, but rather than just writing I illustrate. Being bold with colors and lines is my style.

I aim to create a safe inclusive space through my work, a world that doesn’t discriminate. Future projects that I am planning to work on include an intersection of my architectural learnings with my current style of illustrations. I am also working on creating physical experiences with illustrations while focusing on issues that currently prevail in our society. (would be great if you could give an example of your take on an issue and how you are planning to create a physical experience out of it)


Coca- Cola - King Fisher - Swiggy India - Mass Appeal India - Rupa Publications - MX Player - Amazon Prime - Sony Liv App


Illustrations for Wubba Lubba dub dubs marketing campaign

Poster Design for marketing campaigns for OTT Platforms

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